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celebrity pic spam meme

Rita made me do it....
so let's see....clickCollapse )

1. Choose a picture of the funniest face on this person.

2. Post a picture of your person eating.

3. Choose a picture of your person with an animal.

4. Choose a picture of your person with a member of the opposite sex.

5. Choose a picture where you would have sex with this person.

6. Choose a picture of your favorite outfit on this person.

no, seriously....

7. Choose a picture of your person smiling.

8. Choose a picture of your person half naked.

9. Choose a picture of your person doing an outdoor activity.

10. Choose your favorite picture of this person.

Long and winding meme

Ok Rita tagged me over at her blog....
quite a long meme and i have no idea if i'll get it right. so let's start.....


1. What's your name?


2. Do you read a lot?

Well i used to read more, the internet is sorta keeping me away from my books

3. What's your favorite genre?

i used to read a lot of mystery and crime novels but lately i developed quite a fondness for biographies


4. Do you prefer fantasy or science fiction?

Good question always depends on my mood, but i usually go for the spoofs, so i like the funny fantasy and sci/fi

5. What's your favorite fantasy book/series?

well uhm the never ending story i suppose

6. Who's your favorite fantasy author?

Terry Pratchett

7. What's your favorite science fiction book/series?

The Hitchhikers guide

8. Favorite sci-fi author?

Douglas Adams


9. Which do you prefer: a puzzling mystery, or a terrifying thriller?

definitively the mystery

10. Do you have a favorite mystery novel?

Agatha Christie is swell, but i also like Elizaeth George and Martha Grimes

11. A favorite horror novel?

Uh well uhm is Poe considered Horror? i actually don't read horror, gives me nightmares....


12. Do you read romance novels?

Define romance??? i sometimes came across one or the other and honestly when i'm sick i like them cause they make you feel all warm and comfy....

13. How about gay romance novels?

does FancFic count? i don't bother to buy gay novels, there's enough bad smut on the net....

14. What's your favorite?

Well romance novel???? that would be either "south of the border, west of the sun" by Haruki Murakami and "Peel my love like an onion" by Ana Castillo


15. What's your favorite children's book?

"Wo der Weihnachtsmann wohnt"  every christmas i dig it up even tho i know it by heart, my mum had to read it to me every night all year through :D

16. Is it the same book that was your favorite when you were a kid?

yepp ;)

17. What's your favorite YA book?

Uhm Neverending Story, deaf child crossing....

18. Did you actually read it as a YA?

The Neverending Story yes, the other one is quite recent. hence was not around back then in the dark ages....

19. In general, do you prefer children's books over grown-up books?

Sometimes, again depends on the mood. From time to time  a nice Lindgreen.....


20. What's your favorite classic novel?

Classic Novel uhm that's tough.... Jane Eyre i Suppose or Wuthering Heights. And the Phantom of the Opera is interresting, so is the time machine....

21. What about general fiction?

general? what's that supposed to mean?

22. What classic novel do you just not *get*?

Moby Dick.... when he starts describing the hunt i go like "does he have a point to make????"

23. Do you have a favorite play or drama?

"same time next year" is nice, so are some of Shakespeares plays and the legend of novecento

24. What do you think of Shakespeare?

I like him, but only on stage, when played propperly like the performance of Hamlet i saw earlier this year.....


25. Could you pick a favorite poem?

Indeed "the psalm of life" by Longfellow is a great piece so are pieces by pablo neruda or Robert Frost.

26. What about a favorite poetry collection?

I usually do't go for collections

27. Who's your favorite poet?

Robert Frost


28. Do you read comics or graphic novels?


29. Do you have a favorite series?

Birds Of Prey

30. A favorite book?

Something at the window scratching and Oysterboy


31. Do you prefer short stories (or short novels) over full-length novels?

i like them both.

32. What's your favorite short story?

some Poe Stories are good

33. Favorite short story collection?

i don't go for collections again

34. Do you have a favorite short story author?



35. What kind of nonfiction do you usually read?

Useless Facts books like the book of general ignorance or science books

36. Do you have a favorite nonfiction book?

The book of general ignorance

37. Read any interesting biographies?

Harpo Speaks! and the Herrea Biography of Frida Kahlo

38. History books?

yeah well i'm quite interrested in historical forensic books and crime history, so i like reading about "old cases" like jack the ripper or Susanna Margaretha Brandt (the person behind Goethes Gretchen)

39. Politics?

not really

40. Religious texts?

i used to thumb throught the LThK and other encyclopedial (is that a word?) works about the bible and religion

41. How about books on mythology, fairy-tales, or other cultural stories?

Yepp, i have some nice fairy tales and mythology books


42. What's the most important element of a novel? Plot? Characterization? Style? Themes? Happy ending?

This is such a complex question!
it all depends on how you read a novel and why  you read it. I have suffered through a boring plot because i liked the style and vice versa quite often suffered through bad style because of a good plot, a good characterisation really helps. the happy end is apreciated but not neccessary ;)

43. What kind of plot interests you the most?

crime plots are alway interresting or the "suffer" plots

44. What kind of characters usually appeal to you?

The broody types, the weird types, and *sigh* the crippled ones.... characters who have to struggle, again a good characterisazion is very important!!!!

45. What is your favorite book overall?

Uh i don't think i have such a thing. there are books i really liked and am still very fond of but there is no overall book.
top on my list are
"was mich fertig macht ist nicht sdas leben sondern die tage dazwischen"
"south of the border, west of  the sun"
"peel my love like an onion"
"Eileens geheimniss"
"das gefrohrene licht"

+++PASS IT ON+++

46. What's the last book you read?

uhm the last i finished??? i have to admit "my life in pictures" i haven't been good in finishing books lately :(

47. What are you reading now?

Generation Doof, the book of ignorance

48. What are you going to read next?

Not sure yet. I still got 2 Martha grimes and 2 Elizabeth george on my list, and The boy who kicks pigs by Tom Baker
or mark haddon or jasper fforde we'll see :)

49. Is there a book you would recommend to everyone on your friends list?

Not right now, no. i'm always careful with recommending books

50. Tag five people to fill out this meme:
well i don't really know who to tag all ppl i can think of are already tagged.... so pick it up if you want ;)

i'm here

Yeah but not really allive right now
i'll work on that

thanks to rita (http://ritaskleinewelt.livejournal.com/) for the avatar :)



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